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Heirloom tomato and burrata salad
heirloom tomatoes, burrata, basil, fried capers, balsamic vinaigrette
Main Course
Goat cheese gnocchi with braised short ribs
goat cheese gnocchi, red wine braised short ribs, slow poached tomato sauce, wilted spinach, shaved parmesan
Blistered haricot verts with chunky pesto
basil, walnuts, parmesan
Stone mustard roasted cauliflower
toasted almonds, capers, lemon, parsley, and breadcrumbs
Kahlua tiramisu
ladyfingers, Kahlua, coffee, cocoa powder 

Bringing Italian to Your Table

Classic Italian recipes served family style with a modern twist from start to finish
goat cheese gnocchi (8).jpg
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